Suggestions For Factors In Facial Cupping Alicante

Facial Cupping

Like a sports massage, but with a prop, it is performed with medium to intense pressure all over a person’s back, neck, arms and legs, honing in on whichever areas are in particular need of attention. The friction caused from the repeated strokes results in scary-looking bruising and redness that can last for days after treatment. Why To Make Dry Body Brushing A Daily Habit So what does this all have to do with beauty and skincare? Well, a gentler version of the Gua sha technique works beauty wonders when practiced on the face. What’s more, there’s no need to see a therapist as it can be done at home as part of your everyday skincare routine, taking it back to its ancient roots as a method of self-care. Anok Yai Is Estée Lauder's Newest Global Spokesmodel All you need is a Gua sha tool, and around one minute a day to see instant results and long term benefits. Studies have shown that this daily ritual improves microcirculation by up to 400 per cent, reduces wrinkles, rejuvenates, tones and smoothes skin, boosts collagen, combats pigmentation, dark circles and puffy eyes, defines jawlines (hello contouring!) and even decongests the sinuses. It’s literally like rubbing your way to healthier, glowier skin. As it essentially works from the inside out, you’ll also notice a release of tension and relaxing of facial muscles, so if you clench your jaw at night it’s a great way to ease any soreness in the morning. If you often get eye twitches from lack of sleep or stress, holding the Gua sha over your eyes with gentle pressure can also help to relieve and relax the muscles.

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